Popcorn Sale

Get Excited About Popcorn in 2023!

The annual popcorn sale is our largest fundraiser. Annually, it puts more than $600,000 of cash and prizes into our units' hands to deliver the Scouting program! We are excited to continue to offer this as a fundraiser to our units this year.

Replenishment Order Pick-Ups!

This pick up will take place on Friday, October 6th from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Remember to plan adequate vehicles space for picking up popcorn – Clean out the trunk, inside of extra stuff, leave the kids and car seats at home to make space. This pick up will take place at our office at 5846 Manufacturers Drive, Madison, WI 53704. Click on the button below to sign up for a pick up time.

Store Front Sign Ups!

The Glacier’s Edge Council works with local grocery stores to provide store front sales opportunities to Packs and Troops. You can click on the sign up forms below to reserve a store front slot for your unit.

Festival Foods

Units wishing to do store front sales at Festival Foods will need to sign up at least 1 week in advance of their store front date. Festival Foods also asks that your Pack or Troop be responsible for any signage, tables, chairs, and table cloths. Please note that they have a no solicitation policy in place. Guests cannot be approached and sales must be passive.

Your unit will also need to submit a Cart Lobby Contract that must be submitted to the Service Desk upon arrival at Festival Foods.

Metro Market

Pick 'n Save

Key Dates for 2023

October 6 – Replenishment Order Pick-Up at Madison Office

October 23 – Sale Ends – Final orders are due today so collect your unit orders prior to place that order

October 23 – Take Orders Due

November 9 & 10 – Take Orders Pickup

November 22 – Final Payment

Sales Resources

Make 2023 your best sale yet with new sale resources to the upgraded Trail’s End App. Download our Guidebook below to get started.

Popcorn Kickoff Training

Missed our popcorn kickoff trainings? Don’t worry! We’ve included our kickoff handout and webinar video to review anytime along with our storefront reservation guide.

How to Sell Popcorn

There are three different ways to sell Popcorn as a unit.

  • Show N’ Sell is a direct sale that takes place outside of a local business, where Scouts interact directly with community members and encourage them to buy popcorn.
  • Take Order is an order and fulfillment process that takes place in your neighborhood, where Scouts go door-to-door and ask for popcorn orders that are fulfilled at a later date.
  • Online Sales are also available and can be used to raise funds for your unit no matter where the customer is located. Check out the video below to learn more

How to Use the Trails End App

Save time managing your popcorn sale with the Trail’s End app. This upgraded sale feature allows real-time reporting for storefront, door-to-door and online sales. Track inventory by Scout and have your customers pay easily with cash and credit card. Every Scout will also receive FREE payment processing powered by Square to make every sale easier and cost effective than ever.

Watch the training video and launch the training tutorial now.

Council Contacts

Council Staff Advisor – Oliver Dupree
Council Customer Service – Cindy Lee
Council Popcorn Kernel – Bobby Gingerich

Indian Trails District Kernel – Vacant

Mohawk District Kernel – Matt Rameker 

Wisconsin River District Kernel – Vacant

Yahara District Kernel – Ryan Weis

Indian Trails District – Jason Ballew

Mohawk District – Mitch Russ

Wisconsin River District – Oliver Dupree

Yahara District – Jace Demeranville