Glacier's Edge Council invites everyone of legal hunting age to a day filled with a complete pheasant hunting experience! The Tower Hunt session will consist of 17 pairs of hunters with each pair positioned in one of the 17 blinds that surround the tower.


     Magnolia Game Farm; 15007 West County Road A, Evansville, Wisconsin


     8:30AM on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tower Hunt Participant: $200

     Includes the Hunt, 10 birds released per hunter - up to 340 pheasants total, lunch, and cleaning of birds. Limited to 34 hunters per session.

Post Session Field Hunt (Optional): $125

     Morning Hunt participants may choose complete an additional Field Hunt after lunch. These hunts include 3 additional birds per hunter.


     Individuals interested in sponsoring the event have the opportunity to have their name, or company name, placed appropriately around the event and have the opportunity to secure a spot on the hunt.

  • Gold Sponsor - $1000 (Includes 2 tower hunt participants and prominent signage at the event.)
  • Silver Sponsor - $500 (Includes 1 tower hunt participant and signage at the event.)
  • Bronze Sponsor - $250 (Includes signage at the hunt blind.)

What to Bring: 

     Guns and Ammo - 12ga or 20ga are acceptable. We recommend at least 3 boxes of shells, each year there are people that run out!



Glacier's Edge Council - Boy Scouts of America - 608-310-7300