Get Excited about Popcorn in 2021!!

The annual popcorn sale is our largest fundraiser.  Annually, it puts more than $600,000 of cash and prizes into our unit's hands to deliver the Scouting Program! We are excited to continue to offer this as a fundraiser to our units each year.

Sale Dates 2021

Commit to the Sale Here!

Trail's End Popcorn Webinars coming in June & July!

August 17 &  19- Popcorn Kickoffs

August 27 - Show and Sell Orders Due

September 16 & 17 - Show and Sell Pickups - Madison & Janesville

Sale Starts as soon as you get your popcorn!

October 22 - Sale Ends

October 22 - Take Orders Due

November 11 & 12 - Take Orders Pickup

November 24 - Final Payment Due

Below are some great resources to support your sale.

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Willians at 608-235-0536 or 

Important Note: There will NOT be returns this year due to COVID

Glacier's Edge Ordering Sheet - page 1 of 2

Glacier's Edge Ordering Sheet - page 2 of 2

Roundys storefront locations signup Genius links

Festival Foods Cart Lobby Contract

Program Planner & Budget form

Example Program Planner & Budget form

Plan your Unit Kickoff

Popcorn Helps Scouts

Popcorn Ordering, Distribution, and Transfers

Popcorn Sale Checklist

Festival Foods Cart Lobby Contract - You must sign up for a shift through the Trail's End App Storefront in the leader portal. Then down load this form and fill it out and take with you to turn in prior to starting your shift. 

Ways that Popcorn Helps Scouts

Troop and Pack 70 - Why We Popcorn

Troop and Pack 70 - Inventory Check Sheet

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