What's A Camp Card?

The Glacier’s Edge Council Camp Card is a way for Scouts to fund adventures to summer camp and beyond. A Camp Card costs only $5 and includes exclusive offers from area retailers. Participating units will earn $2.50 for every card they sell.  In addition to the unit earning the 50% commission Scouts can earn the PRIZE of a youth campership (partial or free camp) to one of our Council Camps!

Why Sell Camp Cards?

The Camp Card program is easy and risk free. Units may return any unused cards, by April 29, 2021 with no penalty.  Even better, there is no upfront cost to the unit to sell Camp Cards.

When is the Sale?

Camp Card Commitments are due by February 19th, 2021.  Sale begins in March 1st as soon as you recieve your cards. Cards can be picked up from the service center in Madison or delivered by your District Executive. The sell will conclude on April 29th, 2021.  Payments and return of unsold cards due by April 29, 2021.

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2021 Camp Card Guidebook

Online Sale?

New for 2021: Cards can also be sold online! Just share the link below with your family and friends and make sure they designate the purchase to your unit. Cards are sold online for $6 to account for postage.

Buy a Camp Card Online!


Scouts can earn the following Camperships in 2021!

                                             Cub Scouts                                                   Scouts BSA

90 Cards:           50% off Day Camp or Overnight Camp*                      50% off NYLT

110 Cards:         50% off Webelos Sleepover Camp                                50% off Summer Camp at EBSR 

160 Cards:         100% off Day Camp or Overnight Camp*                   100% off NYLT

180 Cards:         100% off Webelos Sleepover Camp                             100% off Summer Camp at EBSR

*Summer plans for Cub Scouts are still being finalized. An equivalent alternative program may be offered in place of Day/Overnight Camp.

See the 2021 Camp Card Below


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