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Why do leaders need Training?

All Scout leaders need training to help them understand the aims and purposes of the Scouting program, to improve their ability to work with boys and other leaders, to learn Scouting skills, and to learn how to plan an effective Scouting program. Training shows new leaders how to do their jobs and allows for an interchange of ideas with more experienced leaders.

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Glacier’s Edge Council has a wide range of training opportunities to help you develop as an adult Scout leader.  It all starts with Fast Start Training, a new leader’s first introduction to being a Scout leader.  Fast Start is available on-line or on DVD.  Next is Basic Training.  Basic training starts with “This is Scouting” for all leadership positions followed by Leader Specific Training that specializes in the program area for which you are a leader.

Learning continues with Supplemental Training events like District Roundtables, PowWow, and Five Star University of Scouting. Supplemental Training adds to a Scout leader’s knowledge base and helps bring new program ideas and skills back to the unit.

Who should go to Training?

If you have completed an Adult Scout Leader application, you should be going to Training.  Every adult Scout leader position has important tasks in bringing the program to your pack, troop, team, or crew.

Youth Protection training is required for all adult leaders.

To take Cub Scouts camping, you will also need to complete BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation). It is recommended that Webelos Leaders attend Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders to take their dens camping.

Who Pays For Training?

Most Glacier’s Edge Council training courses are offered free of charge through Friends of Scouting, because every Scout deserves a trained leader. At times there is a fee associated with a training course to offset the expense of meals and materials. All training is done by volunteers.

What Training Should I Take?

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How can I find out more information or get more Training?

Online training is convenient, but face-to-face training is more helpful and we all learn more. If you cannot attend a training event, the training committee can bring the training to you.

Reach out to your District Trainers (at your monthly Roundtable) or contact the Council Training Chair, Heidi Gunyon or mobile: 262-745-2338

Dates for Fall 2017/Spring 2018 training events

Fall 2017 Outdoor Training
August 25-26 – Yahara
September 30-1 – Indian Trails
October 13-14 – Wisconsin River
October 27-28 – Mohawk

Fall 2017 Indoor Training
October 14 – Indian Trails
October 21 – Yahara
October 28 – Wisconsin River
November 11 – Mohawk

Spring 2018 Outdoor Training
April 20-21 – Wisconsin River
April 27-28 – Yahara
May 4-5 – Indian Trails
May 24-25 – Mohawk

Spring 2018 Indoor Training
February 17 – Indian Trails
March 17 – Yahara
March 24 – Wisconsin River
April 28 – Mohawk

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