The United Way & the Glacier’s Edge Council


The Boy Scouts have had a relationship that goes back to the founding of what is known today as the United Way.  Scouting was one of the original organizations that assisted with the creation of this storied agency.

Over the years, countless individuals have been positively affected by programs supported by the United Way.  At one point, our council received more than $290,000 a year in funding from the various United Ways that operate within our council boundaries.  In 2015 that amount had fallen to $68,250.

Scouting is supported through the United Way in one of two ways: Allocations and Designations.

Fire buildingAllocation funding is done by a committee of United Way Volunteers who review a funding request and interview the agency. The Allocation Committee makes recommendations to the United Way’s Board of Directors who approve the funding.

Glacier’s Edge Council receives allocations from the following United Ways:

  • United Way Blackhawk Region
  • United Way of Walworth County
  • Wisconsin Dells United Fund


Designation funding is when the individual donor tells the United Way where their money should go.  This can done as simply as writing the full name of the organization & address on your pledge sheet. For Example, Glacier’s Edge Council, Boy Scouts of America, 5846 Manufacturer’s Dr. Madison, WI 53704. If you designate we encourage you to also mark ‘acknowledgement requested’.  The appropriate United Way will send us a list of those donors who have designated a gift.  It is the policy of the Glacier’s Edge Council to acknowledge all designations with a thank you letter no matter the amount.  This allows you to know that your contribution was received.


Designations Only: 

  • United Way of Dane County
  • United Way of Jefferson & North Walworth Counties


If a particular United Way organization is not listed above, funding is not provided.  It should be noted that some United Ways do charge a percentage of your gift to offset their administrative fees.  Ask your United Way if they do this and how much they charge.

Can you designate part of your United Way gift if you do not live within the Glacier’s Edge Council?  Yes!  You should simply write: Glacier’s Edge Council, Boy Scouts of America, 5846 Manufacturer’s Dr. Madison, WI 53704. There are a number of donors from around the country that support our council this way.

Should you designate part of your United Way gift?  That is a personal decision.  The United Way supports many fine programs in their respective communities.  We do not actively encourage designations from the communities served by the United Ways who allocate funding to the Glacier’s Edge Council.  In areas that do not help fund Scouting, your designation of support to the Glacier’s Edge Council may be a way to let your local United Way know how important Scouting is to the community.

If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Williams, Wisconsin River District Director 608-310-7300 or .