These links and documents are resources which are intended to assist the Life Scout on completing the requirements for the Eagle Rank.

Newest Eagle Scout Application:  Eagle Application 2016

Eagle Scout Workbook can be found here: BSA National Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Procedures

Revised:  Request for Letter of Reference  Present a copy of this request to each of your references when asking them for a Letter of Reference.

NOTE: If fundraising is needed for an Eagle Service Project,  make sure that you complete the fundraising page in the Eagle Project Workbook and have it approved by Council (not the district advancement chair) at least two weeks before you do the fundraising.

Updated Eagle Scout Information and resources from BSA National

Workbook = Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927

NOTE: The Eagle Project Workbook is a large document, over 3MB. If you are having trouble opening it, here are some hints:  1. SaveAs — Don’t try to open the document in your web browser or your email program. Save the file to your Documents directory (or someplace you can find it again) and then open the file from there.  The Adobe Reader program should be able to open the file correctly now.  2. Update — Make sure Adobe Reader is launching when you open the file, and make sure your Adobe Reader is the latest version.  Be careful when you download and install a new version, as it frequently tries to trick you in to installing McAfee or Yahoo or other stuff — read the screen and turn those extra items off before you click Download!!


National Eagle Scout Association Webpage

Workshops are provided 1-2 times per year to help explain the Life-to-Eagle process and answer questions for both Scouts and their parents & leaders.

The next workshop will be held on March 15th 2016, from 6-8pm at Camp Indian Trails in Allen Hall.