Eagle Medal


Congratulations to Glacier’s Edge Eagle Scouts of 2016

District Unit First Last Eagle Date Project Description
Yahara 168 Jeremy Bonno 1/26/2016 Built a gazebo and picnic table for Bicentennial Park
WR 62 Joseph Burke 2/4/2016 Built benches and put up trail markers for Brigham Park
Mohawk 140 Stefan Cornils 1/21/2016 Built card and pencil holders for St Luke’s Lutheran Church and attached them
IT 417 Ryan Fisher 1/20/2016 Conservation project for Lower Nemanhbin Lake
SL 236 Jordan Gates 1/13/2016 Built a kiosk for White River Park, landscaping and a stone patio
IT 516 Alexander Goswick 2/17/2016 Constructed 3 bat houses for around the Tallman House Perimeter
SL 239 Nicholas Halpin 1/13/2016 Buiilt furniture pieces out of recycled materials for Project Vibe.
Yahara 144 Simeon Hayner 1/22/2016 Trail development between a campground and main trail at McCarthy Park
IT 595 Timothy Jensen 2/17/2016 Built raised garden beds for residents at Beloit Health and Rehab
Yahara 145 Kole Knickmeier 2/18/2016 Memory garden for Children
Mohawk 140 David Marrone 2/10/2016 Hillside garden at St Francis Xavier School
WR 77 John Meegan 2/21/2016 Built a handicap accessible bench with cover at the Baraboo dog park
Mohawk 46 Alexander Miller 1/28/2016 Built a buddy bench, planted tree for Arboretum Elementary School
Mohawk 201 Jeff Mullis 2/11/2016 Built 2 Leopold benches, planted shrubs, 25 ‘ gravel walkway for Middleton Community Church
IT 405 Wyatt Neefe 1/6/2016 Cleared and created a walking path for visitors to explore Camp Rotamer
Yahara 333 William Nelson 2/1/2016 Built a set of stairs into a small hillside at Generation Park
SL 134 Benjamin Nelson 2/12/2016 Installed track and field equipment for St Joseph Catholic School
Yahara Crew 301 Terrill Oliphant 2/17/2016 Installed 2 free little libraries at Elvehjem Elementary School
Mohawk 122 Graham Roethe 2/17/2016 Made screens for First Baptist Church
Yahara 333 Alexander Scholfield 2/1/2016 Hosted several sites for a clothing drive for Goodwill/Salvation Army/St Vince
Mohawk 141 Andrew Sutcliffe 2/10/2016 Constructed a 6′ wide .4 mile long loop trail in the Bock Community Forest are
Mohawk 140 Arik Waldinger 1/21/2016 Extended hiking/walking trail and installed workout stations-Pheasant Branch
WR 68 Steven Leiterman 2/29/2016 Created 2 dugouts
Yahara 146 Carmelo Curatola 3/1/2016 Built mini libraries for City of Monona
Yahara 35 Nathan Hill 3/4/2016 Installed fences around shrubs to protect from rabbits and made posters Goose Pond
Yahara 127 Bailey Sargent 3/16/2016 Constructed a native wild bee box habitat
Yahara 127 James Hughes 3/16/2016 Planted 5 to 6 trees around open backfield at Black Hawk Middle & Gompers Elem
Mohawk 140 Samuel Jaeger 3/16/2016 Built a birdwatching platform in Quisling Park in Middleton WI
Mohawk 140 Brandon Masnica 3/16/2016 Built a water cooler sheldter on the “Lakes” course & scorecard mailbox -for Pleasant View Golf
Mohawk 349 Robert Freitag 3/17/2016 Built 3 benches and trashcan holders and placed them in Cathedral Point Park
Mohawk 140 Jack Weiler 3/14/2016 Replaced 30 campsite signs with new wooden signs with boxes to hold registration slips
SL 137 Jacob Scholer 3/29/2016 Installed a new cement pad for a batting cage, refurbished shed to hold equipment
IT 417 Derek Holik 3/30/2016 Built bird and bat houses for Whitewater Library
IT 417 Thomas Soehner 3/30/2016 100Number Path for West Elementary
IT 620 Michael Atterbury 3/31/2016 Cut down, transported and debarked 28 Black Locust Trees
IT 417 Hunter Frey 4/6/2016 Laid new cement pad and replaced and/or added new flag holders to Veterans graves
IT 417 David Hiebert 4/6/2016 Education Trail of Trees
IT 619 Nicholas Johnson 3/31/2016 Children’s bookshelf at Talcott Free Library
Yahara 167 Gunnar Goetz 4/13/2016 Created a wheelchair accessible floating pier for Viking Park
Mohawk 122 Victor Lien 4/13/2013 Built a goat structure, platform for the goats at Vilas Park Zoo
Yahara 168 Sean Bull 4/20/2016 Built a firepit for St John’s Lutheran Church
Yahara 168 Ryan Wood 4/20/2016 Trail restoration at Bicentennial Park in Oregon, WI. Trailheads and signs
SL 236 Bradley Kostein 4/23/2016 Built new ski posts for the Ski Patrol at Grand Geneva Resort
IT 514 Zachary Kumm 4/26/2016 Restoration of a trail in the UW Arborteum between markers F1 & F2
Mohawk 349 Jack Butler 5/2/2016 Verona High School Landscaping improvements for the K-Wing Garden


Congratulations to Glacier’s Edge Eagle Scouts of 2015

District Unit First Last Eagle Date Project Description
WR 62 Ty Albrecht 7/21/2015 Band and Orchestra instrument drive for Mount Horeb High School Music Dept
Mohawk 101 Andrew Allen 3/18/2015 Photographed and indexed a few cemetaries for Middlton Historical Soc. & Find a Grave
Mohawk 2 Jacob Astfalk 4/22/2015 Built 3 bathouses for Hoyt Park
Yahara 53 Connor Aubey 2/10/2015 Benches for small dog park
SL 131 Ryan Baker 12/17/2015 School District Education Center
IT 608 Levi Bartz 9/20/2015 Installed playground equipment in the backyard for the Dutter House
Wr 44 Matthew Berlin 3/10/2015 Built a kios for Mirror Lake State Park
Yahara 333 Steven Bertelsen 7/30/2015 GPS marked and took pictures of the grave sites of Veterans in Sacred Hearts Cemetary
Mohawk 420 Benjamin Blanchard 4/6/2015 Arboretum Trail Restoration
WR 77 Jordan Blue 9/13/2015 4 benches for Richard A Grant Park
IT 516 Samuel Bornemann 8/20/2015 Built and installed a Little free Library and bench for First Baptist Church & donated playset
SL 134 Harry Bos 12/13/2015 Planted trees and established a rest area on the Fort Atkinson- Jefferson bike trail
Mohawk 16 Casey Bradt 6/10/2015 Built housing for a water pump at community garden
Yahara 53 Preston Brandt 5/20/2015 Establish a new trail at Indian Mounds Park
IT 511 Wyatt Bricker 1/7/2015 Flowing Well Park Restoration
SL 328 Justin Brown 10/17/2015 Built benches and 4 signs for a Prayer Trail at Chapel on the Hill
Mohawk 87 Christopher Burandt 12/17/2015 Lewis Street Trailhead for the Ice Age Trail and also built a kiosk
Yahara 333 Andrew Chavez 11/18/2015 YMCA Landscaping improvements
Mohawk 640 Brad Chernak 3/21/2015 Nine wooden plaques showing different aged deer jaws
Mohawk 628 Dane Christensen 11/10/2015 Built a wheelchair ramp in coordination with Logan’s Heart and Smiles for a family with a disabled child
WR 592 Nathan Cooper 2/9/2015 Built campfire ring
Mohawk 420 Gabriel Crawford 4/6/2015 Built 10 Aldo Leopold Benches
Mohawk 122 Dane Crews Hill 10/29/2015 Provided a crew and organized a day of landscaping labor for Habitat for Humanity for a family needing a home
Yahara 34 Isaac Cwik 11/17/2015 Renovation of Firework Island in Warner Park.  Improved its ecosystem by removing invasive species.  Planted seeds
Mohawk 140 Jon Dalton 9/17/2015 Built boardwalks to connect ponds at Tiedeman’s Pond
SL 236 Jacob Dertz 1/28/2015 Restore boardwalk in Highland County Park
Mohawk 46 Luke Dias 11/11/2015 Created and posted 2 new signhs and restored a bench for the Fort Winnebago Surgeon’s Qtrs in Portage WI
WR 62 Donald Ditzenberger 5/4/2015 Cleaned, general repairs and constructed 2 chicken coops for Heartland Farm Sanctuary
SL 234 Nicholas Dixon 11/24/2015  Refurbished trophies for SMILES(Special Methods in Learning Equine Skills Inc)
Mohawk 87 Stephen Duhn 3/25/2015 Festge Park Shelter Trail Project
Yahara 76 Lucas Easley 2/19/2015 Library Garden
Mohawk 628 Edmund Elder III 11/3/2015 Spring Harbor School Greenhouse benches
WR 62x Andrew Elert 12/22/2015 Trail sign restoration and built benches for Brigham Park
Mohawk 87 Alexander Fagre 11/3/2015 Installed water bars across the trail that diverts water off trail.  Pheasant Brand Trail Erosion Trail
Yahara 301 Enoch Fleming 6/17/2015 Built a Little Free Library for Shank Elementary School
Yahara 29 Max Foege 9/15/2015 Replaced wooden fence surrounding playground at Bashford United Methodist Church
Mohawk 46 Andrew Foley 10/15/2015 Designed and built buddy benches for Waunakee Imtermediate School
Mohawk 140 William Fox 2/3/2015 Constructed and placed 8 benches around playground area at Menodat Cty Park
WR 113 Joel Fugere 1/28/2015 Installed Flagpole for Windor United Church of Christ
WR 77 Jesse Gaedke 3/8/2015 Refurbished the handicap ramp, add sign for wheelchair access, replace town hall sign
Yahara 333 Jason Garstka 10/15/2015 Gathered GPS points for lakes, churches, cemeteries for Washington Cty Historical Society
WR 65 Ethen Glasson 8/16/2015 Built park benches for neighboring communities
WR 81 Jon Golackson 11/19/2015 Built fire rings for Co-Pier Park
IT 620 Benjamin Golter 11/15/2015 Built 2 16′ long team benches for Stephen Mack Middle School in Rockton IL
WR 592 Hunter Grams 11/16/2015 Bat houses for Village of Dane
Mohawk 628 Hans Granroth 11/4/2015 Established and mulched a new trail in the Gold Addition Wet Land of Fitchburg
Mohawk 201 Benjamin Hancock 10/29/2015 Introduction for Family History to Seniors
Yahara 168 Kaleb Hann 8/3/2015 Restore and/or added equipment for an exercise cirsuit at Jaycee Park in Oregon
Mohawk 940 Jacob Harnois 10/27/2015 Restored the kitchen and bathroom at the Middleton Historical Society Rowley House
Mohawk 2 Harold Hart 4/22/2015 Cleared underbrush andinvasive plants from section of oak Savannahs on Ice Age Trl
WR 337 Justice Hendrick 6/30/2015 Constructed a moderately sized labrynth in outdoor area of Trinity Episcopal Church
IT 514 Spencer Hennig 10/7/2015 Created a large chalkboard scoreboard for the World Change Leaders
Yahara 127 Andre Hermes 9/1/2015 Added several plots into an existing garden at Black Hawk Middle School
Yahara 35 Jonathan Hinesh 8/11/2015 Built 2 raised garden beds for special need clients at Family Works Inc
Mohawk 628 Samuel Hoffman 12/15/2015 Built a simple split rail fence and constructed a retaining wall at the Quarry Ridge Mountain Bike Path
SL 243 William Holmes 6/24/2015 Built 6 Aldo Leopold benches for the Village of Darien
IT 620 Blake Huffman 8/20/2015 Construct new benches and groom the prayer trail at Wesley Woods Retreat in Williams Bay
Mohawk 104 Karl Hummel 3/23/2015 Cleared a hill overgrown with sumac for Spring Harbor School
Yahara 164 Dustin Huset 1/7/2015 Pavement repair and reseal for Cooksville Lutheran Church
Mohawk 628 Harrison Ireland 3/17/2015 Cleared underbrucsh around the entrance of Anderson County Parl
Yahara 50 George Johll 10/26/2015 Restored a mddle trail that connects outer trails at Bicentennial Park
Mohawk 140 Alex Johnson 9/1/2015 Worked with NPS for the Ice Age Trail to build bat houses
IT 619 Aaron Jolly 5/4/2015 Civil WarGraves at Rockton Township Cemetary
IT 620 Brett Jones 2/16/2015 Gaga Ball Pit and Volleyball Court for Willowbrook Middle School
WR 173 Jacob Jones 11/17/2015 Build picnic tables for town of Westport
SL 239 Bradley Kase 10/21/2015 Woods school garden.  Replaced wooden stepping stones, built shed,abor &  a rain gutter
Yahara 333 George Kelly 10/15/2015 Outdoor stations of the Cross for Sacred Hearts Parish
IT 619 Tyler Kerch 5/4/2015 Children’s Clothes Closet
Yahara 155 Garret Kerl 11/7/2015 Organized a training for all EMT’s in Dane County about Left Ventricular Assist Device
WR 173 Tyler King 11/17/2015 Restoration on park picnic tables
Mohawk 87 Alexander Kolb 7/20/2015 Cleared brush, removed invasive species and built Information Kiosk for trail in Village Cross Plains
Mohawk 87 Travis Kolb 7/20/2015 Laid out physical grid lines to help Ice Age Trail control invasive species
Mohawk 640 Connor Kooistra 3/21/2015 Pheasant Branch Native American Burial Mounds Restoration Projectg
IT 622 William Korman 3/30/2015 Cleared Moelters Farm to create more camping sites.
Yahara 88 Nicholas Kositzke 1/18/2015 Repaaired picnic tables for Deerfield Fire Dept
Yahara 333 Robert Kostelic 12/17/2015 Interviewed veterans about their experiences in the military.  Entered into database to be kept forever
IT 516X Douglas Lane 12/23/2015 Monroe Elementary courtyard dug out paver bricks and cleaned them.  Cleared trees shrubs and plants
IT 514 Montana Leggett 2/18/2015 Evansville Memorial Day Tostrum Tenovation
Yahara 149 Matthew Ley 9/22/2015 Planting small trees on area east of the American Legion
IT 516 Ian Litten 12/2/2015 Refurbished the shed for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Janesville
WR 357x Henry Luitjens 12/30/2015 Made 4 display cases for military uniforms
WR 592 Seth Martin 2/9/2015 Built life jacket loaning station for Okee Boat Launch
IT 511 Logan McHone 3/4/2015 Rebuilding sidewalk at House of Mercy
Yahara 35 John McMcloskey 3/24/2015 Created a 35′ trail lined with logs, repaint a shed and build 3 Aldo Leopold benches
Yahara 167 Nicholas Mellor 9/23/2015 Drainage ditch and landscaping for Luke Stoughton House
Yahara 148 Austin Messerschmidt 9/8/2015 Installed playground equipment at Pohlmann Park in Jefferson Cty
Yahara 99 Joseph Miller 2/11/2015 Disc Golf Course for Fireman’s Park
Yahara 333 Peter Minetta 8/7/2015 Created a garden and a bench at Sacred Hearts of Mary Parish
Yahara 148 Stephen Moker III 12/22/2015 Built and delivered 2 Flag Drop boxes for the American Legion Post 67 in Lake Mills
Yahara 168 Nicholas Molzahn 8/3/2015 Renovated the children’s area of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
IT 651 Andrew Monk 3/4/2015 Built a wheelchair ramp
Mohawk 61 Abraham Morrick 9/17/2015 Constructed a canoe launch/landing along the bank of the Sugar River through Belleville
SL 137 Noah Morris 5/17/2015 Landscaping at First United Methodist Church
Mohawk 16 Jack Nolan 6/10/2015 Rain garden for Thoreau School
WR 62 Andrew Norby 5/4/2015 Created 3 geocaching stations in and around Mount Horeb
Yahara 34 Sean O’Brien 2/22/2015 Built chess tables for Emerson Elementary and their chess club
SL 149 Michael O’Reilly 3/8/2015 Constructed a pathway for the new nature park in Jefferson
IT 516 Adam Perrino 10/7/2015 Created a 1012 ft long 3 ft wide dirt trail through woods at Camp Wakonda for 7th Day Baptist
IT Crew 656 Jeremy Peterson 1/28/2015 Media Library for Pediatrics Rockford Memorial Hospital
IT 619 Robert Petz 4/13/2015 Flag retirement homes
Mohawk 2 Jacob Pflund 4/22/2015 Built bathouses for Olin Park
IT 595 Ryan Ping 11/19/2015 Painted various rooms in House of Mercy
IT 608 Jack Pokorney 9/20/2015 Happy Hollow Cemetery Restoration
SL 149 Nathan Poser 11/27/2015 Renovation and update at Hoard Curtis Scout Camp
Yahara 333 Eric Pursifull 8/31/2015 Planted a native plant butterfly garden for Generation Park
Yahara 148 Samuel Quintana 2/17/2015 Installed Civil War Cannon and bench in front of Legion Post 67
WR 113x Logan Raemisch 12/21/2015 Wheelchair accessable path/patio area by water fountain in courtyard of nursing home
Mohawk 101 Harrison Rankin 2/18/2015 Built a kiosk for the Village of Cross Plains
Mohawk 140 Samuel Rapacz 2/11/2015 Bat houses for Blue Mounds State Park
Yahara 148 Shelby Riggleman 12/22/2015 Constructed raised gardening boxes for the residents of Trinity Pines Retirement Home
Yahara 53 Derek Roberts 5/20/2015 Built Aldo Leopold benches and 3 adaptive raised gardens for McFarland Community Garden
WR 592 Daniel Robertson 10/22/2015 Removed trees/branches that overhanged on childres play area. Made cross from wood removed
Mohawk 640 Jack Rupcich 3/21/2015 Red Cross Blood Drive
WR 68 Jared Sagal 7/16/2015 Updated playground equipment for Lake WI Evangelical Free Church. Built bridge to connect
WR 74 Nicholas Sailor 9/21/2015 Planned, dugged and planted a flower bed for the Mirror Lake State Park office using wildflowers
Yahara 127 Devin Sargent 7/21/2015 Made Lake Vire School forest more accessible by mulching path, terracing hill install hand rail and built benches
IT 471 Jacob Schmit 4/21/2015 Milton High School Multimedia Studio
Mohawk 140 Ryan Shaw 10/13/2015 Kayak/Canoe storage unit for Mendota County Park in Middleton
Yahara 167 Alexander Smith 8/4/2015 Planned and cooked 3 meals for the Ronald McDonald house for 20-30 people
Yahara 155 Austin Smith 9/27/2015 Landscaped the back of the DMB community center
WR 357 Zachary Stoughton 12/17/2015 Installed a new city welcome sign on the main thoroughfare. Landscaped surrounding area
Yahara 88 Tyler Suehring 6/2/2015 Installed AED’s in area churchs and then offered how to clinics by trained professionals
Yahara 127 John Sullivan 1/15/2015 Restored an observation deck at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center
SL 134 Nathan Tesch 3/18/2015 Disc golf course for Fort Clubhouse
SL 131 Rodolfo Trevino III 10/17/2015 Removed and replaced sign for Barrie School. Also replaced bench
Yahara 76 Tyler Tweed 8/24/2015 Built free little libraries for Marshall
IT 651 Michael Varney 3/4/2015 Flagpole for Orfordville Public Library
Mohawk 11 Timothy Vaughan 1/4/2015 Renovating a trail in the arboretum
Yahara 53 Walker Waddell 7/27/2015 Build 3 picnic tables for McFarland High School
WR 68 Riley Wadzinski 8/28/2015 Poynete Library Expansion project
IT 516 Gabriel Waller 12/17/2015 Releveled brick patio at St William Church
Mohawk 46 Preston Webster 10/15/2015 Waunakee Wrestling Commemorative 50 year book
Yahara 99 Tyler Weisensel 9/22/2015 Built benches for Alana Springs Campground
Yahara 132 Darren Wendricks 9/16/2015 Built a pergola over a brick surface marking the original church parsonage
Mohawk 140 Andrew Wenman 10/5/2015 Built a conventional island deck in Pheasant Branch Conservancy
Mohawk 87 Kenyon Wensing 11/3/2015 Prairie Moraine kiosk and trail mapping for the Ice Age Trail
SL 131 Samuel Westby 12/17/2015 Built a shed at Grove Street Community Garden
Mohawk 940 Shaun Wettstein 9/16/2015 Trenched and laid mesh for Hoop House to keep rodents out
Yahara 333 Joseph Wetzel 5/7/2015 Built a notice board for Worthington Park in Madison to post Announcements on
Yahara 333 Alex Wetzel 5/7/2015 Built a bike rack for Community Bible church
WR 113x Timothy Wetzel 12/21/2015 Refurbished and added seats to the Gazebo at Lodi Good Samaritan Nursing Home
Mohawk 61 Mitchell Young 2/6/2015 Built an observation deck on a trail for the Village of Belleville


Congratulations to Glacier’s Edge Eagle Scouts of 2014

Michael Ruble IT 402 5/7/2014 Construct and install benches for Cargill United Methodist Church Handicap Entrance
Evan Shortreed IT 405 1/8/2014 Camp Rotamer Trail Redefined
Seth Meyers IT 405 2/20/2014 Picnic Tables and benches for River Hills Community Church
Caleb Mollet IT 405 12/17/2014 Mt Zion church stone and raised garden
Jared Block IT 417 1/8/2014 Landscaping at Rock Prairie Monessori Scholl
Jacob Block IT 417 1/15/2014 Landscaping at Gardens at Hope Lutheran in Milton
Jacob O’Rourke IT 417 1/29/2014 Landscaping at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
Ryan Berthiaume IT 417 3/26/2014 Paint classrooms at Milton High School
Michael Norum IT 417 5/21/2014 Built decorative wooden trash can holders for Milton Senior Center
Marcus Winters IT 417 5/22/2014 Constructed trail kiosks for Wonderland Camp in Bristol, WI
Michael Hilliger IT 417 12/3/2014 Signs for Service Organizations
Samuel Stockwell IT 466 3/26/2014 Build trash/recycling center for Edgerton United Methodist chruch
Travis Aderhold IT 466 5/21/2014 Boiler Room cleanup at Edgerton United Methodist Church
Gavin Schmit IT 471 3/26/2014 St Mary’s Bell Placement
Connor Martin IT 471 10/1/2014 Faith Community Church Cubbie Cabinet Project
Kaden Ruiz IT 511 9/24/2014 BTC Prairie Restoration
Keith Hartje IT 514 3/5/2014 Little Free Library in 3 areas of Evansville
Mitchell Lorenz IT 516 9/24/2014 Storage Area renovation for YWCA of Rock County
Joshua Helmeid IT 516 11/12/2014 Prairie Bridge Project
Ethan Thompson IT 556 12/17/2014 Fencing for playground at YWCA
Colten Carlson IT 595 9/24/2014 Planting Miss Kim’s along parking lot
Trevor Sage IT 595 12/17/2014 Counter tops for volunteers at Projects for Smiles
John Poirier IV IT 605 12/15/2014 Stage in you room of Hope Evangelical Free Church in Roscoe Il
Joshua Rebone IT 608 6/11/2014 Repair garage at Our Saviors Church
Kyle Bielski IT 619 1/5/2014 Evasive brush clearing at Burr Oak Valley Reserve in Roscoe IL
Christopher Golter IT 620 9/25/2014 Whitman Post Elementary School Trophy Case
Patrick Bruckner IT 622 2/9/2014 Wood duck houses for sportman’s club
Aron Wallace IT 622 3/9/2014 Burr Oak Valley Preservation
Mitchell Johnson IT 622 8/13/2014 Silver Creek Preservation Project
Andrew Olson IT 622 11/20/2014 Raised Garden Beds for Roscoe United Methodist Church
Nolan Masterson IT 651 10/1/2014 Orfordville American Legion Post 209 Landscape project
Michael Garde IT 651 10/1/2014 Orfordville American Legion Post 209 Landscape project
Spencer Welte IT 656 5/22/2014 Collection of hats, shoes, gloves for Merrill School in Beloit WI
Andrew Webb IT C656 12/16/2014 Chicken yard at Goldy Floberg
Andrew Brace IT 619 11/20/2014 Signs for Service Organization
Brandon Thill Mohawk 11 8/26/2014 Replaced wood duck houses at the Jenni and Kyle Preserve
Calvin O’Donnell Mohawk 11 11/9/2014 Built Big Cat Roofs at Henry Vilas Zoo
Thomas Lawton Mohawk 15 2/10/2014 Built a bulletin board kiosk for a community garden
Joseph Hoffmann Mohawk 15 10/14/2014 Rebuilt a raised platform on the side of ski hill used for Judges and coaches for Blackhawk Ski Club
William Nourse Mohawk 46 1/23/2014 Fence maintenance at St John’s Church
John Hellenbrand Mohawk 46 10/27/2014 Removed a bush, landscaped along a wall and placed flagstones designating a meeting space for St Mary’s of the Lake Parish
Alexander Peterson Mohawk 87 7/15/2014 Creation of 1-2 dispersed camping areas on the SB Anderson Preserve and/or Holmes Preserve owned by Ice Age Trail Alliance
John Virnig Mohawk 87 12/22/2014 Make and install signs for a trail in Festge Park
Scott Bohm Mohawk 102 4/7/2014 Designed, constructed and installed outdoor manger scene for church
Max Veldran Mohawk 102 12/2/2014 Built compost bins for Meadowwood community garden
Matthew Sorenson Mohawk 102 12/18/2014 Constructed benches and goat structure for Heartland Farm Sanctuary
David Wilke Mohawk 104 10/13/2014 Cleared area of invasive species, put down dirt, planted 2 oak trees, wildflowers and plants for Quarry Park
James Ford Mohawk 122 5/27/2014 Updated garden at Wellspring United Methodist Church by planting apple trees, mulching, created straw/raspberry bed
Kevin Tan Mohawk 122 8/5/2014 Planned and organized Fin-Tastic Fishing Fest
Darron Montgomery Mohawk 122 10/16/2014 Planned and built several planter boxes for Restoring hope Transplant House
Max Wilson Mohawk 140 7/24/2014 Built and installed a new informational kiosk for Blue Mounds State Park
Andrew Nicholson Mohawk 140 10/6/2004 Wildlife viewing blind to provide citizens of Jefferson County to view birds and other wildlive at Rose Lake
Jordan Dalrymple Mohawk 140 11/19/2014 Constructed 120′ of staircase for the East Tower Trail at Blue Mounds State Park
Russell Kjorlie Mohawk 140 11/19/2014 Built a boardwalk on the Ice Trail on land in Dane County near Springfield Hill
Nicholas Kidston Mohawk 140 12/8/2014 Built Owl Houses for City of Middleton Parks Dept
Nathan Richards Mohawk 201 4/10/2014 Built one complete set of 2 professional grade horse shoe pits for Grundahl Park
Lucas Koenig Mohawk 201 7/9/2014 Sugar River Restoration Project
Michael Dalhoff Mohawk 349 3/23/2014 Constructed information kiosk, 2 benches and 2 chests for Whalen Pond Park
Ian Birschbach Mohawk 349 5/18/2014 Built a freestanding concrete floor shed to be used for “Clothes Closet Ministry” at GSLC
Alec Shiva Mohawk 349 10/5/2014 Built a water observation deck on the pond at the Park and Ride off the Military Ridge State Trail
Trent Pedersen Mohawk 349 10/5/2014 Built bluebird houses and installed them at Badger Prairie Park
Peter Janssen Mohawk 349 12/23/2014 Collected, processed and planted prairie seed for a Prairie Restoration
Kevin Stone Mohawk 628 2/11/2014 Fitchburg splash park landscaping
Hunter Higby Mohawk 628 12/2/2014 Prairie Restoration for Brookland Wildlife Area
Nickolas Peters SL 131 2/24/2014 Fishing Line Receptacles
Ryan England SL 131 3/3/2014 Fort Atkinson Soccer Shed Painting
Alec Redenbaugh SL 137 12/14/2014 Plant new trees on hillside of Hoard and Curtis Scout Camp
Jon Kaiser SL 149 3/10/2014 Planted trees in Concord Park
Joseph Poser SL 149 6/22/2014 Jefferson Parks Bat Houses
Christopher Hansen SL 234 4/24/2014 Restoration of pews at St Catherine Parish
Aidan Fleer SL 235 8/13/2014 Created a campsite space with firepit on a wooded plateau with small path for the Lake Geneva Fresh Air Assoc. Inc
Benjamin Odden SL 235 9/17/2014 City of Lake Geneva landscape island renovations
Jack Walker SL 236 7/15/2014 Benches for Bloom Field
Brian Wolski SL 237 2/5/2014 Benches, bird house and bird feeders for United Church of Christ in Williams B ay
Tyler Alheid SL 237 2/5/2014 Williams Bay High School Track and Field Record Board
Jacob Clark SL 237 12/30/2014 Park path at Frost Park in Williams Bay
Charles Robinson SL 239 9/17/2014 Veterans Park Field Batting Cages
Kyle Moffatt SL 239 10/23/2014 Display board and walking bridge for Big Foot Beach State Park
Marcus Robinson SL 239 11/13/2014 Basketball hoops at St Francis De Sales
Thomas Guske SL 239 12/30/2014 Food pantry relandscaping
Jesse Anderson SL 239 12/30/2014 Big foot Beach Garbage Corral
Troy Steinfest SL 243 11/13/2014 Boat Landing North Lake Town of Sugar
Andrew Leitzke SL 328 10/23/2014 Upgrade landscape with sitting bench
Jimmy Conway WR 62 2/19/2014 Color coded and measured the Blue Mound State Park cross country ski trail system
Michael Killian WR 62 3/19/2014 Built 6 picnic tables for Scheidegger Forest and 2 Aldo Leopold benches
Cody Yanna WR 65 3/28/2014 Built a raised garden for the elderly at a retirement home
Jacob Wetzel WR 113 4/28/2014 Built mobile raised flower beds for Good Samaritan Care Facility. Install Flag pole honor of Grandfather who lived there
Christian Lepinske WR 165 8/6/2014 Rebuilt a staircase and adjacent steps along a path at Governor Dodge State Park
Noah Fritschler WR 173 7/7/2014 Painted classroom and hallways at Concordia United Methodist Church. Also reorganized closets and new finish on floor
Eli Andrew WR 401 6/4/2014 Roadside cleanup on Highway G
Jacob Anders WR 38 8/25/2014 Built, placed and stocked production of mini-libraries for four communities
Benjamin Kirchman WR 58 11/12/2014 Trail repair for walking in Iron County Park
Cole Suckow WR 70 9/7/2014 Built bee boxes and placed them on WI DNR land in Columbia County, known as Pine Islandt
Benjamin Olson WR 165 10/5/2014 Food drive for Southwestern WI Community Action Program Food Pantry in Dodgeville
Jeremy Peplinski WR 165 11/18/2014 Restored the Crossing Shanty used by volunteers at Mid-Continent Railway Musuem
Joseph Peplinski WR 165 11/18/2014 Fellowship hall and Pipe Organ Restoration for Plymouth United Church of Christ
Clinton Resler WR 247 12/1/2014 Bridge Restoration at White Mound County Park
Zachary Simonson WR 357 11/25/2014 Replaced old horseshoe pits with new ones for Dodgeville Parks and Recreations.
Peter Leonhardt WR 401 9/10/2014 Installed markers at 100′ distance on the trails on the West Bluff Trail at Devils Lake State Park
Paul Quale WR 592 11/17/2014 Garden restoration for Good Samaritan. Remove overgrown plants, repair fountain and replanted
John Everitt Yahara 5 3/31/2014 Built an enclosure for the recycle bins at the Maple Bluff Beach House
Austin Darien Yahara 5 7/31/2014 Constructed an outdoor BBQ island at Beach Park in Maple Bluff Marina area
William O’Brien Yahara 5 7/31/2014 Constructed an outdoor storage rack to hold 6 – 8 canoes with security locks.
Connor Schessler Yahara 5 8/25/2014 Paved a patio at Maple Bluff Marina that surronds a BBQ pit
Tanner Weinman Yahara 23 2/19/2014 Created/built 2 compost bins for Lindbergh community Gardens
Darrian Driskel Yahara 29 8/12/2014 Laying of gravel stepped walkway for Dane Cty Humane Society Wild Life Center lower animal cages
Thomas Schuette Yahara 47 1/29/2014 Repainted arbor leading into the Labryinth at St Matthew’s New Life Church
Mark Sommer Yahara 47 12/2/2014 Apply customized label to the school’s collection of music stands
Matthew Sampson Yahara 50 4/28/2014 Identify Veteran grave markers for local cemetaries
Michael Lucas Yahara 50 11/25/2014 Built a 10 station exercise trail in Kennedy Park
Jacob Sam Yahara 53 6/24/2014 White Oak Nature Trail at Lake Kegonsa Park, remvoe and replace markers.
Zane Pellet Yahara 76 4/10/2014 Removed plantins to put in a new sign. Landscaped a 1×4 garden planted 6 trees at school
Bailey Gesteland Yahara 88 7/1/2014 Designed and built new resue toboggan shelters for the Cascade Mountain Ski Patrol
Jacob Tatlock Yahara 88 11/18/2014 Built soccer team benches for Glacier Drumlin United Soccer Club and a sign to find the field
Ian Murkve Yahara 127 8/21/2014 FEED Kitchen Innovation-built and installed compost bins, large planters and a small free library outside the FEED Kitchen
Gage Krueger Yahara 127 12/9/2014 Built 4 Aldo Leopold Benches for Blackhawk Community Garden
Stephen Snyder Yahara 132 11/5/2014 Built bridge by lower parking lot at Messiah Lutheran Church
Maverick Wilhite Yahara 132 11/19/2014 Lower Mud Lake Natural Resource Site Restoration
Donald McClain Yahara 145 8/7/2014 Built 8 Aldo Leopold benches for 2 Community Parks in Cottage Grove
Jack Poirier Yahara 145 12/29/2014 Desgined, priced and built a new church sign
Miguel Quintana Yahara 148 11/24/2014 Handicap pier for Veterans
Brad Stram Yahara 149 1/9/2014 Created and built   raised garden beds for St Dennis school garden
Michael Cody Yahara 149 3/26/2014 Refinish gym doors at St Dennis Catholic church
Taylor Tank Yahara 164 7/22/2014 Built a shelter for the Stoughton Conservation Club that will be used for Hunter Saftey
Skyler Gunderson Yahara 167 11/17/2014 Built a platform for the Tigers at Vilas Zoo
Andrew Paltz Yahara 168 1/20/2014 Installed scoreboard at Oregon Middle School athletic field, also landscaping around site.
William Sanford Yahara 168 7/14/2014 Compost bin and soil sifter for the Oregon Community Garden
Nathan Feest Yahara 168 10/21/2014 Built Little Free Libraries
Chandler Buth Yahara 190 5/7/2014 Built park benches for Lake Mills City Parks (3 locations)
Justin Hennings Yahara 210 12/2/2014 Built a Veterans Memorial   Park with benches and a flagpole for community of Cottage Grove
Joseph Bertelsen Yahara 333 1/22/2014 Built and installed 4 bat huses for Token Creek Conservancy
Anthony Chavez Yahara 333 1/30/2014 2 Little Libraries for the City of Sun Prairie
Jacob Bolgrihn Yahara 333 4/7/2014 Built 3 picnic tables for Generation Park
Jonathan Ibach Yahara 333 7/14/2014 Built a 3 hole disc golf course for Sacred Hearts School
Seth Sullivan Yahara 333 12/30/2014 Constructed a dog agility course for a local park

Congratulations to Glacier’s Edge Eagle Scouts of 2013


Tyler Flaningam Indian Trails 4/15/2013 620 Landscaping at Roscoe Village Hall
Austin Albert Yahara 1/3/2013 333 Constructed a bridge connecting 2 trails at Culver Conservancy in township of Windsor
Alexander  Baker Mohawk 4/22/2013 104 Removed overgrown plants in backyard and built a compost bin for Bethany United Methodist Church
Christopher  Bax Indian Trails 6/12/2013 620 Historical benches and kitchen for Macktown Living
Michael Beecher Indian Trails 9/4/2013 405 Adam’s School Arboretum Refurbishment
Kory Beerkircher WI River 10/22/2013 165 Repainted door, cleared brush and replanted sod and plants for Joining Forces for Family office
Kevin Bell Indian Trails 4/11/2013 643 Memorial garden addition to Riverside Community Church
Brendan Beno WI River 11/26/2013 357 Re-roofed entryway area of Iowa County Humane Society
Austin  Bernanek Yahara 2/27/2013 50 Built a shed for the Oregon Middle School Football Board
Eric  Berthiaume Indian Trails 10/16/2013 417 Improve Ice Age Trail/ Rock Cty Connector trail
Jared  Blada Southern Lakes 9/18/2013 239 Solar Lighting at Moelter Farm
Alejandro Boerke Yahara 7/16/2013 149 St Dennis Catholic Church rectory landscape refresh
Charles Booher Mohawk 9/24/2013 140 Built a 10×14 picnic shelter at Goth Park in Town of Middleton
Sterling Borish WI River 12/4/2013 Crew 70 Foodless (Hygiene items) food drive for Marquette Food Pantry
Joshua Boushon Yahara 10/23/2013 53 Purchased and packed backpacks for disadvantaged students grades 3 to 5 at Waubesa Interm. School
Colton Brenner WI River 6/30/2013 44 Rebuilt fire pit at Friede Outdoor Learning Center and also built benches
Andrew Burandt Mohawk 4/24/2013 87 Built benches, compost bins, rain barrels and pathway for the community garden in Cross Plains
Casey Burmeister Southern Lakes 1/17/2013 236 Refurbish Nature Rest Stop
Willaim Caldwell Mohawk 7/1/2013 15 Built pens for an Environmental Education Center at Spring Harbor Middle School
Taylor  Camp WI River 4/21/2013 98 Built 4 benches to be placed around Faith Bible Church
Michael  Chew Indian Trails 7/18/2013 606 Privacy fence for St Vincent DePaul Food Kitchen
Taylor Christen Mohawk 2/19/2013 61 Constructed a nature trail & identified unique vegetation in Belleview Community
Brendan Conaghan Mohawk 5/1/2013 16 Expanded and enhanced community vegetable garden located at the Fountain of Life Worship Center
Mitchell Condon Yahara 10/28/2013 50 Built benches, cleared trail, provided support beams where necessary to Trail Restoration Bicentennial Park
Owen Connolly Mohawk 11/25/2013 2 Built a tool bench for Friends of Hoyt Park
Ryan Cook Indian Trails 6/12/2013 405 Japanese Garden at Craig High Scholl
Joshua Cordell Mohawk 5/30/2013 46 Replanked the bridge connecting Waunakee Legion Park to the nearby park
Cameron Cullen Southern Lakes 1/17/2013 235 Prayer Garden Project
Nicholas Dominguez WI River 6/11/2013 165 Assembled 25 care packages to send overseas
Douglas  Dorn Yahara 1/31/2013 333 Native American Medicine Wheel Garden at McCarthy Youth and Conservation Park
Daniel Egan Yahara 2/21/2013 164 Built 8 picnic tables for Christ Lutheran Church
Henry  Elling Yahara 5/6/2013 99 Renovating the community room, hallways and staircase leading to the community room for NICC Fdtn
Joseph Engels Yahara 11/20/2013 76 Built multiple bird/bat houses for the Marshall Lions Club Park
Stuart  Fass Yahara 9/17/2013 34 Built Aldo Leopold bench from recovered wood for Trinity Lutheran Church
Sean Filbrandt Mohawk 10/30/2013 16
Adam Fischer Indian Trails 4/17/2013 417 Built little rooms for Blind and disabled
Robert Getka Indian Trails 10/9/2013 539 Restoration of Janesville Outdoor Lab
Andrew Giddings Yahara 7/15/2013 149 Built benches for LaFollette High School soccer field
Benjamin  Giese Mohawk 12/3/2013 628 Built and installed 5 benches near the school forest at Verona High School
Timothy Glennon Yahara 11/21/2013 333 Constructed a nature trail (450’long ) long in Generations Park in Sun Prairie
Thomas Grob Yahara 1/24/2013 210 Built 4 information booths for each range to sign in and out for the Deerfield Rod & Gun club
Nicholas Gumtow Indian Trails 10/9/2013 651 Park Sign replacement
Spencer Guse Mohawk 9/10/2013 102 “Whale Watch” and a new “A Frame” for sessions at a Ropes training bldg course for Madison School Dist
Benjamin  Halom Indian Trails 7/31/2013 620 Tiered Garden for Daycare at OLA Church
Evan Handowski Mohawk 10/29/2013 140 Rebuilt and replaced apprx 93 linear feet of fence for Indian Lake Park in Cross Plains
Jacob  Handrich Indian Trails 4/2/2013 608 New Countertop for Food Pantry
Joshua Hare Yahara 4/18/2013 53 Expanded the Marian garden at Christ the King Church
Ryan Hawkos Mohawk 10/29/2013 140 Replaced stairways leading up to Bock Gardens
Joseph Hayes Yahara 5/30/2013 132 Replace bridge and added a handrail on a main nature trail at a church camp, Bethel Horizons
John Hermus Yahara 8/12/2013 168 Replaced the American Flags in downtown Oregon
David Holaday Mohawk 10/30/2013 16 Oak Woodland Restoration
Kevin Houck WI River 10/23/2013 165 Built a 3 sided bench around an existing shade tree on the playground of Dodgeville Elem. School
Kyle Huddleston Indian Trails 2/18/2013 620 Roscoe Middle School Track Hurdle Shelves
Adam Hunter Mohawk 6/26/2013 Crew 101 Built cat scratcher for the Dane Cty Humane Society
Andrew Husbands Mohawk 8/19/2013 349 Built shelves , cabinet and a picnic table for The Church of Verona
Joseph Husted Mohawk 9/25/2013 201 Removed invasive plants, litter and brush, collect fallen trees and break into firewood  at Donald Park
William Jacobs Southern Lakes 9/23/2013 131 Digitization and mapping of Koshkonong Union Cemetery
Bennett Johnson Mohawk 1/16/2013 101 Collected at least 1000 books in order to start a library in Africa
Tyler Kasperski Yahara 3/28/2013 149 Donation drive for books, games etc for American Family’s Children’s Hospital
Zachary  Kiewszkowski Southern Lakes 8/28/2013 235 Repair and paint picnic tables
Austin Kloften Indian Trails 1/16/2013 651 House of Mercy Homeless Shelter Donations
Bryan Kostein Southern Lakes 4/3/2013 236 3 informational boards for YMCA youth football
Austin Kraemer WI River 9/30/2013 173 Signs for Meyer Oak Grove Park to identify native plants
Noah Kunde Yahara 9/11/2013 149 Created a large tree coral for the North American Bison at Henry Vilas Zoo
Benjamin  Lucarelli Mohawk 8/28/2013 16 Oak Savanna Restoration for Nevin Spring and Fish Wildlife
Joshua Marineau Yahara 8/8/2013 155 Upper Yahara River Trail Interpretive Signs
Maxwell Martin Mohawk 11/20/2013 16 Oak Woodland Restoration
Andrew Maxfield Mohawk 8/6/2013 46 Renovated the gateway and fence line for the Waunakee Dog Park.  Added bulletin board at front gate.
Taylor McCann Yahara 2/27/2013 168 Built 2 picnic tables for the Habitat for Humanity site in Brooklyn
MaCully McDonald WI River 4/30/2013 592 Nature Walk clearing and cleanup at Nature Walk/Preserve in Town of Lodi
Austin McDonald Indian Trails 7/3/2013 539 Carnival Games for St William’s Harvest Fest
Jack  McNally Mohawk 5/1/2013 16 Clearing overgrown brush from an area in the UW Arboretum
Taryn Meixner Mohawk 4/15/2013 102 Book drive for Salvation Army
Noah Melton Indian Trails 2/18/2013 620 Church seating and flower building
Adam Metzig WI River 11/4/2013 113 Repainted and replace sign posts, replaced missing stickers and mowed grass for Lodi Chap of Ice Age Trail
Zachary  Meyer Mohawk 3/19/2013 46 Renovations to Schmidt’s woods by repairing broken fence and building a new kiosk
Bradley Miller Mohawk 6/17/2013 349 Oak Savanna Restoration of Bock Community Forest
Timothy Miller Yahara 9/11/2013 149 Built rolling carts racks for Aldo Leopold Center in Monona
Nathaniel Minard Indian Trails 10/16/2013 622 Food pantry drop box
Zachary  Moen WI River 2/12/2013 592 Built 2 portable toilet enclosures for 2 parks in Harmony Grove
Joshua Moen Yahara 10/6/2013 88 Built picnic tables for Cambridge Fish and Wildlife area in Cambridge
Dustin Moreland Yahara 4/18/2013 76 Built an information Kiosk for Marshall Lions Club
Alec Nathan Southern Lakes 9/16/2013 137 Exterior renovation at Fort Congregational Church
Austin Owens Indian Trails 7/31/2013 622 Sand Pits for Blackhawk Archers
Joshua Petters Yahara 11/14/2013 41 Marine Parent Care Package Project
Simeon Ploeger Southern Lakes 4/3/2013 328 Storage Shed repairing
Samuel Plutchak Indian Trails 7/31/2013 405 Repair fence at Janesville Youth Sport Complex
Kasey Puckett WI River 9/4/2013 357 Landscaped in front and around the Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce digital sign
Jackson Pundt Mohawk 7/30/2013 628 Nature signs for hiking trail in the Prairie Loop in Badger Prairie Park
Brent Pursifull Yahara 4/4/2013 333 Constructed Aldo Leopold benches for Elmer Edna Conservancy
Justin Putman WI River 9/28/2013 113 Built bat boxes tp out up along Ice Age trail in local parks
Jacob Recob WI River 6/11/2013 165 Built a picnic table and installed cement pad with Kiosk for Wilson Park
Thomas Richards Yahara 4/24/2013 168 Built a wood chip train in Oregon Town Park
James Roberts Mohawk 10/30/2013 46 Carpentry renovations for Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. Built benches for clients
Benjamin  Rossmiller Yahara 5/8/2013 333 Built benches (5) circling a fire pit for an outdoor meeting area at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church
Adam Scaife Yahara 12/5/2013 149 Aldo Leopold Nature Center drainage ditch
Patrick  Schelm Indian Trails 2/18/2013 620 Landscaping at Roscoe Village Hall
Jacobeau Schultz Mohawk 1/16/2013 201 Benches placed along portion of Military Ridge State Trail
Elliot Schultz Indian Trails 9/4/2013 619 Remodeling of church library
Smauel  Schultz Mohawk 12/3/2013 628 UW Arboretum Entrance Restoration
Robert Schuster IV Mohawk 10/30/2013 46 Landscaping at St Mary of the Lake Church
Matthew Screnock Yahara 8/26/2013 76 Marshall Disc Golf course- remove tripping hazards and built benches to place next to tees
Nicholas Shellander Mohawk 8/28/2013 16 Purchased medical equipment and supplies for a clinic expanding to build a new hospital in Nkolo Africa
Robert Shlimovitz WI River 4/6/2013 Crew 70 Repainted the inside of the Portage Curling Club where the rinks are.  Also pipes above the rinks
David Shulta Indian Trails 7/3/2013 405 YWCA Rehabilitation Project
Michael Siciliano Southern Lakes 4/3/2013 Crew 231 Civil War Headstone Restoration
Carson Silver Mohawk 11/5/2013 102 Mapped Veteran Graves at Resurrection Cemetery
Nathan  Smith Yahara 10/28/2013 333 Prayer Labyrinth at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
Maxwell Snyder Indian Trails 9/4/2013 405 Harmony Grove Park Ball Diamond
Travis Sommerfeldt Indian Trails 1/16/2013 595 Eagle’s for Higher Education – Car Show
Nicholas Stigsell Mohawk 8/20/2013 628 Book drive for Boys and Girls Club of Dane County
Kent  Stringham Southern Lakes 4/10/2013 Crew 250 Holiday Home Bench and Planter
Connor  Timberlake Yahara 12/2/2013 168 Re do plant identification tags and remove invasive honeysuckle from Lerner Park
Benjamin  Townsend Mohawk 11/26/2013 122 Built and installed post free library birdhouse
Mitchell Treinen Indian Trails 7/3/2013 539 Installed tables on St William’s School grounds
Carson Tuttrup Mohawk 10/8/2013 46 Peace Lutheran culvert Addition. Covered old stone culvert with dirt and the green material to make hill
Alan  Urban Indian Trails 5/22/2013 471 Gun Racks for Janesville Conservation Club
Arik Van Asten Mohawk 10/14/2013 940 Repair/build walking path for Woodcreek Village condos and Pheasant Branch Trail
David Vande Sande Mohawk 9/24/2013 140 Built and improved 12 bird watching stations in Pheasant Branch Conservancy
Benjamin  Vander Grinten Yahara 10/6/2013 88 Diversified Urban Forest in city of Deerfield. Planted trees at 3 different locations. 
Benjamin  Wadzinski WI River 4/24/2013 68 Replaced bird/wildlife houses on hiking trails at Mackenzie Environmental Center with new made from cedar
Clay Wahlstedt Southern Lakes 8/28/2013 239 Free Library for W.C. Food Pantry
Nathaniel Walter Southern Lakes 1/17/2013 236 Score Board Restoration
Richard  Warner Indian Trails 5/22/2013 Crew 656 Book collection/Fair
Jacob  Weber WI River 8/21/2013 62 Constructed a canoe rack that stores 4 canoes at Stuart park
Ryan Weiss Mohawk 11/5/2013 102 Built bat houses for Dunn’s Marsh
John Westby Southern Lakes 3/22/2013 131 Public Pool Entrance Sculpture
Nicholas Wiederholt WI River 4/16/2013 152 Built and installed 3 Little Free Libraries
Thomas Wiesler Mohawk 3/19/2013 46 Constructed a bench for St John the Baptist Parish and planted flowers at the NW corner
Steven Woerpel Yahara 9/30/2013 148 Designed and built a mountain bike ladder bridge for Capital Offroad Path Finders
Alex  Wolff Yahara 8/21/2013 53
Matthew Woodard Mohawk 5/21/2013 628 Designed & created a landscaped patio area (wheelchair accessible) for the side yard of Restoring Hope House
Andrew Yamriska WI River 5/15/2013 68 Built wooden cabinets for St Peters Lutheran Church
Jun Yan Mohawk 3/17/2013 349 Built and installed informational kiosk for the Ice Age Trail trailhead at Frenchtown rd and Piller Rd
Antonio Yang Southern Lakes 5/1/2013 131 Flyte’s Wall Mural
Timothy Zelinski Southern Lakes 4/10/2013 236 Genoa City Memorial Park Nature Trail
Steven Rose Indian Trails 12/14/2013 622 Rock Cut Trail Signs
Niall  Gillen Indian Trails 12/18/2013 605 School supply drive for Homeless children
William  Puckett Indian Trails 12/18/2013 619 Honoegah Forest Preserve Stairs
Kyle Anderson Indian Trails 12/18/2013 514 School Forest Rail Fitness Stations
Jonathan  Hare Yahara 12/17/2013 53 Stations of the Cross
Cameron Craig Mohawk 12/17/2013 15 Replaced barn door for Madison Area Food Pantry as well as weeding and harvesting some crops
William Bielec Mohawk 12/17/2013 15 Removed invasive honeysuckle from underneath 3 large Oak trees at Governor Nelson State park
Johnathan  Pollock Indian Trails 12/18/2013 539 The Optimist Community Park Trail Sign
Colt Peterson Indian Trails 12/19/2013 651 Outdoor patio Sanctuary for Church
Kei Fujisawa Indian Trails 12/19/2013 405 Renovations for Lutheran Social Services Center
William  Blanchard Mohawk 12/18/2013 420 Arboretum Trail  Improvement