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Glacier’s Edge Plant and Flower Sale
Information Sheet and Timeline

The Glacier’s Edge Council is offering a fundraising opportunity for your unit that has proven to be a successful way for your Scouts to earn money to attend Summer Camp. We are again offering a Plant and Flower Sale because of the huge success the sale has had. All of the plants that we are offering are being grown just for us in the Glacier’s Edge Council by K&W Greenery in Janesville. Everything that you order is 100% Guaranteed! We will also set up delivery locations for your convenience. Any questions, please speak with your District Executive.

Important Dates

*Please email or drop off your Commitment Form at either Service Center by February 3,

*Sale Dates: February 6 thru March 6 2017.

*Order Deadline: Your Unit Master Order Form (Smartforms) must be emailed or turned into either Glacier’s Edge Service Center by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 10, 2017. You can also email it to Margaret.Williams@Scouting.org

*Payment is due to the council by May 31, 2017

* Delivery Date: The plants and flowers that you order will be delivered the week of May 22-24, 2017. Your order will be delivered to your unit contact’s house. We deliver after Mother’s day because of it being after the last frost has passed to prevent damage to the flowers.


The unit will make a straight 20% commission on all products sold. We have made this change to simplify the commission program and it also increase the amount of commission coming back to the unit based on past sales history.

Flower Sale Order Forms – Coming Soon!


Spring Plant and Flower Sale Commitment form

Flower Sale Info Sheet

Flower Sale Example Sheet

Flower Sale Order Form Sheet

Post expires at 11:38am on Thursday June 15th, 2017

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