HomeFrontBig News at Camp Indian Trails

The Executive Board of the Glacier’s Edge Council is pleased to announce that groundbreaking for Glass Pond at Camp Indian Trails will begin in mid-August!  With the cooperation of the weather we expect construction to be completed by the end of October.

To help you visualize what the project will look like, here is a link to a computer rendering from three different angles.

Glass Pond will be the first significant construction project at Camp Indian Trails since the construction of Allen Hall in 1991.  This project will allow us to better expand the aquatics program at Camp Indian Trails.  In addition to a swim beach, boating and fishing will be added to our summer camping program.  Glass Pond will also serve as a year round program feature allowing for ice fishing and skating in the winter.

We do not expect that construction will interfere with any scheduled fall programs.  Construction will happen during the week.  We do ask your patience as we move forward.  A little short term inconvenience to realize this great improvement to Camp Indian Trails is a small price to pay.

Special thanks go out to our Project Co-Chairs Lou Olson and Norm Tadt.  They have put in numerous hours moving this project forward. Their knowledge and background made it possible for this project to happen.

Watch for more details and updated pictures on the council website, and Facebook pages.

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