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The Klondike committee from Southern Lakes District, Indian Trails District, and Yahara District is proud to present The Games of the Gods Klondike Derby on February 1, 2014. Zeus invites all Troops, Webelos Dens, and Crews to send your Olympians (patrols, dens or crews) to compete in quests in this year’s winter odyssey. The quests will test the skills, teamwork and ingenuity of the patrols to determine who shall be named heroes of all Olympians with all the privileges and benefits of such a title. So start preparing now for your chance to compete in The Games of the Gods.
The Games of the Gods Klondike Derby is a patrol competition open to Webelos I and Webelos II, Venture Scouts and Boy Scouts. The competition will test the scout’s skills and knowledge. So get ready to compete to be named Champions of Olympia!

Updated information packet here:  Klondike 2014

Location: Camp Indian Trails, Janesville WI
Fee: $9.00 per person before Jan. 25th,  $15.00 per person after Jan 25th

Online registration here

OR Fill out and bring your paper registration form with payment to one of the Service Centers.


Post expires at 7:30pm on Sunday February 2nd, 2014

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