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This year an idea was hatched to give our new Scouts something to look forward to shortly afterthey registered for Scouting. It didn’t matter which age bracket they were in. This would be an event just for them, the “New Scout”.

The idea sounded like it could go over well and one man was approached to put on the DERBY. He accepted the responsibility not knowing how big or small the derby would be. As the new recruiting year began and the implementation of the new ideas for the scouts went on the council was finding  that the numbers of news scouts was increasing exponentially. There were now well over 400 new scouts applying. This could be a big event.

Over the next two months the gentleman worked feverishly to gather help, more tracks to race on and increase the feeling of race day for the event.

On Nov 1, 2013 The Indian Trails District put on their 1st ever “New Scouts Pinewood Derby” at St Williams school Gymnasium in Janesville, WI. This special race coincided with the annual Spaghetti Dinner held in the school cafeteria. So as an added bonus for our new scouts, if they registered  for the race they would receive two meal tickets when they arrived. That way after registering and before the race started they could go down stairs and enjoy a wonderful dinner put on by other Scouts in order to raise money for Scout Reach and other programs that help kids get involved in  Scouting and go to summer camps through Camperships.

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