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programming merit badgeSTEM-related Merit Badges

Tier 1 includes merit badges that are STEM related in their entirety. Tier 2 includes merit badges that have only a few STEM related requirements.

Tier 1 Merit Badges

Animal Science Astronomy Bird Study Chemistry
Chess Computers Drafting Electricity
Electronics Energy Engineering Environmental Science
Forestry Geocaching Geology Insect Study
Inventing Mammal Study Medicine Model Design & Building
Nature Nuclear Science Oceanography Personal Management
Photography Plant Science Reptile & Amphibian Study Programming
Robotics Soil & Water Conservation Space Exploration Sustainability
Surveying Veterinary Medicine Weather

Tier 2 Merit Badges*

American Business Archeology Architecture Aviation
Backpacking Canoeing Collections Communication
Composite Materials Dentistry Entrepreneurship Farm Mechanics
Finger Printing Fire Safety Fish & Wildlife Management Genealogy
Golf Horsemanship Law Pioneering
Public Health Radio Railroading Salesmanship
Scuba Diving Welding Whitewater Signals, Signs and Codes 

STEM-related merit badges at Camp

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