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This document introduces the summer softball program, including the schedule and roster requirements.

Cub Eligibility:
An eligible player is a registered Scout who next Fall will be enrolled in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades. A Scout can join at any time during the regular season but has to participate in at least 4 regular games to play in the tournament.

Youth Eligibility:
Division B shall consist of those boys who have not reached their fifteenth birthday prior to September 1st of this year and of those girls who have not reached their sixteenth birthday prior to September 1st of this year. If a player has a verified medical condition, a request by the player’s parent(s) may be made to the softball committee for a waiver to allow an older player to play in Division B. The softball committee shall notify the parent(s) of the player of the committee’s decision and if a waiver is granted, the committee shall also notify the head coach of the team on which the player will be a member. Players eligible for Division B may choose to play in Division A rather than Division B.
Division A shall consist of those who have not reached their 18th birthday. A player whose 18th birthday occurs during the softball season may participate until that player reaches his or her 18th birthday. The player must pay the full fees for participation in the program even if the player will become ineligible and must terminate playing during the season.

Important Dates:
May 6: Rosters Due
May 23: Coaches & Umpires Meeting
June 3: first game
Tournament: July 19-20

See the two sets of rules below for summer softball.
The first addresses Cub Scouts, the second is for older youth, including girls.

Any questions should be directed to Andrew Olsen,  608-31-3191


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