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Now is the time to request recruitment flyers for your Cub Scout Packs Spring Recruitment Efforts. Simple complete the Cub Scout Flyer Request Form (PDF) and submit it to your District Executive. Flyers and additional support material are available to help your Pack have a GREAT recruitment effort.

Glacier’s Edge Council Cub Scout Recruitment Plan
Objective: To effectively recruit Cub Scouts from Grades 1 – 5
Goal: To utilize a variety of proven recruitment tools and methods to increase Pack membership
The Tools and Methods:
1. Registration Round-up Flyers – The Council will make you flyers if you want. All you have to do is fill out the attached request sheet with the specific information and they will be ready for you when you need them. Please try to give your District Executive at least a week’s notice. If you want to make your own flyers, get the blank flyers from the Council Office.
Hand them out at the school, put them up at churches, libraries, businesses, give them to pizza and sub delivery places to include with their deliveries. If the school won’t give them out, ask the bus company if their drivers can. Get them out there!
Consider offering a special treat to any boy bringing the flyer to the Registration Round-up.
2. School Open House Night or Church Service – Set up a table at your school’s open house or at a church service. This is not a substitute for a Registration Round-up, but you can expect to get at least 5 more boys at an Open House that you didn’t get at your Registration Round-up.
3. Yard Signs – Pick a couple up at the Super Roundtable or the Council Office. Recycle the ones from last year. Put them in high-traffic areas. They work, trust us!
4. Invitations/Postcards – Get them from the Council or make your own. Give them to your Scouts to hand out to the boys in their classroom. Include Registration Round-up and contact information. Offer a special treat if they bring the invitation card to the Round-up.
5. Newspapers – Local newspapers love to put in announcements about Scouting events.
6. Boy Talks – If your school will allow it, go to the school and spend 5 minutes in each classroom or lunch room. Get the boys excited about becoming a Scout. Ask the other Scouts to tell the boys in their class about the great times they have in Scouting.
7. Word of Mouth – Boys talk to boys. Parents talk to parents. You can recruit 365 days a year.
8. Billboards and Message Boards – Talk to the area businesses. Many will run a scroll for you on their message boards. Banks and hardware stores really love to do this.
9. Local Radio and Cable Access Channels – Some cities like Sun Prairie have a local cable access channel that will run a spot for Scout recruitment nights.
10. Parades, Fire Station Open Houses and Other Community Events – Hand out flyers or business cards with information about your Unit and who people can contact to join.
11. Sporting and Academic Events – Talk to the parents sitting on the sidelines. Hand out flyers.
12. BSA BeAScout Website – This is a new and exciting tool! Get your Unit information on that website. Populate your Pin! Help them find you!

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