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Glacier’s Edge Venturing December 2012 Newsletter

Upcoming Activities in the Area

Dec 21 – Indian Trails District Venturing Glo-Bowling Christmas Party, RiversEdge, Janesville,          WI

Bowling goes from 9pm until 12.  Cost $10 for bowling and shoe rental.   Bring $5 gift for        gift exchange.  Need reservations by Dec. 17th.    For more information and registration,      see http://glaciersedge.org/2012/11/indian-trails-district-venturing-christmas-party-         122112/


Dec 26 – Scout Night at Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn in Milwaukee

Game starts at 7pm.  Cost $16 for game ticket and t-shirt.  To order tickets or get           more information, see http://glaciersedge.org/2012/10/scout-night-at-the-milwaukee-        bucks-dec-26-2012/


Dec 27 – Scout Special for Harlem Globetrotters at Alliant Energy Center in Madison

Game starts at 7pm.  Cost varies from $14.50 to $89 to order tickets or get more           information, see http://glaciersedge.org/2012/10/globetrotters/


Jan 19 – Snowstorm, Roscoe Methodist Church, Roscoe, IL

Leader meeting 9am.  Competition starts 9:30am. Ends 11;30pm.  Cost $12 includes patch, dinner, awards,  dance, and competition.  Registration due by Dec. 15th.   For more information & registration forms, see  http://www.angelfire.com/il3/snowstorm/index.html


Feb 2 – Scout Night for Milwaukee Wave Soccer vs. Missouri Comets in Milwaukee.

Game starts at 6pm.  Cost $15.  Pre-game clinic with players at 4pm.  To order tickets or        get more information, see http://glaciersedge.org/2012/11/scout-night-for-milwaukee- wave-soccer-vs-missouri-comets-in-milwaukee-feb-2-2013/


Feb 16 – Winter Amidships – University of Wis – Fond du Lac

Starts 8:30am – 10:30pm.  1-day event with 11 team events (indoor & outdoor), dinner,            awards, and dance.  Cost $20.  Registration due by Feb. 1st.  More information and     registration at                 http://www.baylakesbsa.org/council/files/UpcomingEventsPDFs/WAM_Flyer_2013.pdf


Feb 17 – 9th Annual Arctic Blast, Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort, Wilmot, WI

Starts 3:30pm – 11pm.  Cost – Lift ticket $23, Ski rental package $43 or w/helmet $53,             Snowboard Rental package $53 or w/helmet $63.  Registration due by Jan. 31.   More      information and registration forms at      http://www.crventuring.org/document.php?ID=898&NUM=1



Feb 22-24 – Venturing Blast 2013, Camp Lowden, Oregon, IL

Starts at 5pm Friday night and ends at noon on Sunday.  Shooting sports, cooking,                   starlight hike, snow snake game, snowshoeing, music, dance.  Registration deadline Feb.     8th.   More information available from Kevin Olson at             venturingblast@blackhawkscouting.org


Mar 22-23 – Venturing Lock-In, UW-whitewater Rec Center, Whitewater

More information later.


May 17-18 – Baraboo Circus Heritage, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo, WI

Starts Friday night and ends Sunday morning.  Danes, Stage shows, blacksmith, Frisbee       golf, funnel cake eating contest, pig wrestling contest, scouting museum are available.

More information will be available later.


Venturing Resources

Central Region Venturing Web Site

With thousands of links, articles, and events, www.crventuring.org is the place for you to find every resource you need to start or grow a crew or VOA.  If you haven’t checked out the site before (or even recently), join the 100,000+ visitors who come to crventuring.org every year to find helpful tips, news, and lessons learned that make the Venturing program more successful.  If you have an idea for additional content on our crventuring.org, please send your suggestions to www.communications_coordinator@ crventuring.org.

Venturing Terminology

One of the first rules about “Venturing-speak” is that the name of the program is Venturing (not Venture Scouting).

• Therefore, a crew is a Venturing crew, not a Venture crew of a Venture Scout crew.

• A youth is called a Venturer, not a Venture Scout.

• Advisors and other leaders are Venturing Advisors, not Venture leaders or Venture Scout leaders.

• Venturing leaders take Venturing training, not Venture training or Venturer training.

Where to Go Venturing

Does your crew go to the same place every time that you go camping? Want to find some neat places that are close or even across the country?

Then check out the Where to Go Venturing database at

http://www. crventuring.org/Other/Where_To_Go_Venturing.

This resource has 4000 high adventure locations and lots of different search criteria that will help you find the perfect place for your crew’s next adventure.

If you have a favorite place that you feel that others should know about or see a mistake, contact us at


Ranger Resources

Have you been in that situation where you just need one more requirement to finish and elective or even to finish your Ranger?

Where can I get a 3-D cave map? What is a Swiss seat?

Well, there is a place that can help. On the Central Region Venturing Web site, there is a section that is titled Ranger Resources.  This page has each Core and Elective requirement that you can do for your Ranger Award. By clicking on one of these requirements, it takes you to a new screen. On each of these screens, it has everything broken down to make it easier to find and will help you with what you are looking for.

For help on all your requirements, just follow this link:


Discussion Lists

You may sign up for the many Yahoo Groups and Discussion Lists dedicated to Venturing and Sea Scouting. Information on these groups can be found by searching Yahoo Groups for Venturing, clicking on “Discussion Groups” at www.seascout.org, or by clicking on the links below.

Venturing Yahoo Group: This group shares information with Venturers and Advisors from across the nation:


Central Region Venturing Yahoo Group: This group is used to share resources and ideas, and to ask questions about Venturing in the Central Region:


Sea Scouting Discussion List: This group shares information with Sea Scouts and Sea Scout leaders across the nation:


Central Region Sea Scouting Discussion List: This group is used to share resources and ideas, and to ask questions about Sea Scouting in the Central Region:


Central Region Sea Scouting Discussion List: This group is used to share resources and ideas, and to ask questions about Sea Scouting in the Central Region:


Facebook Discussion Lists:

Central Region Venturing:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Region-Venturing/5584419563

Central Region – Area 7 Venturing:


Glacier’s Edge Venturing:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/24369249032/


Venturing Events and Links

More information on all of the events and links to the Area 7 councils can be found on www.crventuring.org.

Submit your events to the calendar to this address:



Venturing Joining Requirements

The minimum age requirements to join Venturing are 14 years of age or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade. The maximum age for participation remains under 21 years of age.


Venturing Chairman’s message


I am putting together a newsletter with activities that are in the area that are geared towards Ventures or that Ventures may be interested in participating in.  If you hear of any activities that other Ventures may be interested in attending, please let me know.


I will also put information in the newsletter that may be of interest to you.


Our council is now part of Area 7.


Bob Hornby

Council Venturing Chairman

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