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Wilderness First Aid

The BSA requires all units attending any of the national high adventure bases to have at least one adult trained in Wilderness First Aid (WFA). Currently this course is only taught through the American Red Cross. Even if your unit is not attending one of the national bases it is a great idea to have trained adults for any outdoor activity your unit participates in.


The Glacier’s Edge Council is currently looking for individuals who are interested in becoming WFA instructors. In order to be a certified WFA instructor you must first be a certified Red Cross instructor in CPR, First Aid or AED. The South Central Wisconsin chapter of the American Red Cross offers this training in Janesville about twice a year. The Badger chapter in Madison offers the training about every other month. After you become a certified American Red Cross instructor the WFA instructor course is offered online and you can then teach WFA.


If you are interested in learning more please contact Dr. Paul Romanelli at 608-752-2341 or romanelliwi@att.net

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